Denise Silverman –


Denise Silverman is a Certified Wedding Consultant and has been planning weddings since 2002. She specializes in bringing all the details of your vision to life with Clink Events. Our interview was done before Denise merged her previous company, Soiree with Clink Events.

Amy Mader –

Amy Mader

Amy Mader grew up in the wedding industry. Her grandparents started a bridal salon in 1945 which she began working at when she was 12 years old. She has been running Platinum Weddings in Austin since 1997. Amy and is also the president and founder of Nuptial Essentials, training the next generation of wedding planners.

Nancy Hoffmann-Allison & Michelle Bromley –

Michelle Bromley

I spoke with Nancy and Michelle about all the ways that they can help you put your day together with Allison’s Event’s while saving you money and reducing the stress of your big day.